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I am interested in the 'performativity'
of memory. I am thinking about the
quotidian of  trauma alongside of the restoration and Magic of water cycles. 

partnering with my meditation on healing, dance and media as a physical tap into embodying memory.


Bella Stenvall
Lela Aisha Jones
Mandy Ringer
Makeda-Lily Love-Roney
Nioka Workman
Carolyn Mraz
Christina Sharpe
Coni Lewis
Nzingha Tyhemba
Crystal Ruelas
Benin Ford
Dave Elliot
Antoine Roney
Orion Gordon
nia love
Rhonda Haynes
Saroya Corbett
Tara Sheena
Veleda Rohl
Fred Molten
Iquo Essien
James Hurt
Jesse Phillips-Fein
Jordan Young
Kojo Roney
Smitha Vishveshwara
Zinnia Rohl-Gordon

S u p p o r t

2022 | Foundation for Contemporary Arts Recipient 

Harlem Stage


Bryn Mawr

2019 | Urban Bush Women Choreographic Fellowship
2019 | 
Gibney Dance + 651 Arts: Artist in Residence + Dance in Process (DiP)
2018 | Queens College Incubation Grant
2015-17 | Movement Research/NYSCA | Artist in Residence
2014-15 | CUNY Dance Initiative
2013-14 | Alvin Ailey | New Directions Lab Choreographer Award
2013 + 2014 | New York Live Arts | Suitcase Fund + Africa/Middle East Cultural Partnership
2011-12 + 2013-14 | BAX Artist in Residence

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