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9th Iteration



Los Angeles California at UCLA World, Arts and Culture/Dance department | June 2018

Work/Research notes:

This summer, I acquired my deep sea diving license and dove 60 feet as the final test to my certification. I will over the course of the next few years continue to dive below sea level throughout the straits of the Caribbean and Mediterranean sea in hopes of seeing something left from the transAtlantic slave trade. Also, as part of the rehearsal and underwater film component much of my findings were discovered in pools and shorelines of the pacific coast.


Program notes:

Nia Love: pushback: wake-work #9

The weight of nothing[ ]...specters of the Atlantic                  displacement

              placement -This haptic feedback pushes up against the blues and violets in me-...and you are still here? Yes...

Photo Cred: Nia Love




Dancing While Black comes to New Orleans |

February + April 2016


This iteration was in collaboration with professor Ron Bechet (Xavier University) who constructed a deconstructed auction block asymmetrical in shape and form with wheels the enables the bloc to travel throughout the city, and a 13 minute series of fast moving image videos integrated with the performance. Love searches the ghost of the late 1800’s  in New Orleans her Matriarchal grandfather’s hometown. In a moving installation from the harbor of the Mississippi River traveling inwards through the streets of the French Quarters to one of the historically famous Slave selling rotundas. The modern French Quarter stands the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, located at 621 St. Louis Street. However, in this location in the 1800s stood the St. Louis Exchange Hotel, and on to the CAC (Contemporary Arts Center) Theater




Snug HArbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden | 2016


g1(host) features powerhouse choreographer, dancer, soloist Nia Love. The piece forges runaway trails and scents and finds tracks and prints left on structures, soil and the psyche in order to reconstruct and defragment a body broken by its status as property. The body is both more than and less than a body; it is fugitive.

Curation by Gabri Christa, Snug Harbors Artistic Director

PC: Lance J. Reha




92nd Street Y Friday's at Noon: Dancing on the Shoulders: Radical Black Presence in American Dance, New York, NY.


Work/Research Notes :


An improvisational duet with the architecture-92nd Street Y(140 year old building which has been serving its communities and the larger world. Practically all of the Modern dance canon of choreographers  have performed in this space) and so this was an attempt tp examine dancing with ghost who might just drop in to partner with me. 

Program Notes:



8 minute solo.  

Choreographer/Performer: Nia Love

Photo Cred: Akua Hill

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